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Northwind’s robust site investigation and civil surveying suite capitalizes on the strengths of aerial drone, ground penetrating radar, and GPS technologies and combines multidisciplinary expertise to offer state-of-the-art, 3D site modeling with unprecedented detail and accuracy, delivered in usable data packages compatible with a variety of industry-standard software.

Our unmanned aerial drones complete pre-programmed, 20- to 50-minute flight paths, collecting millions of data points within 1.5cm of vertical and horizontal accuracy. Our drones are capable of being outfitted with diverse payloads, including infrared and thermal cameras, enabling them to provide construction progress surveys, volumetrics, security monitoring, vegetation studies, and a host of other useful applications in addition to 3D site modeling.

Our ground penetrating radar instrumentation collects subsurface data to detect utilities, buried structures, groundwater interfaces, cavities, and other anomalies. We process this data on site and can deliver georeferenced subsurface data in usable outputs either on its own or in conjunction with drone survey data to create a customized, manipulatable 3D site model based on client needs.

Notable Completed Projects
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