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Northwind was contracted with the USACE Philadelphia District to perform facility management services for the Army’s 99th Regional Support Command (RSC) in Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Our responsibilities at each of the 220 facilities managed under this contract consisted of ensuring that the buildings and grounds were properly monitored and maintained to meet the functional, appearance, safety, security, and environmental standards of a Federal workplace. Northwind personnel regularly visited sites and documented conditions and deficiencies with facility checklists to ensure that systems were operating within parameters.

Within the first year under the AFOS contract, Northwind made improvements that totaled $2.2 million to more than 300 facilities. These individual work requests or micro purchases did not exceed $2,500 each, which demonstrates the volume of work requests that Northwind processed, approved, and completed successfully. Each individual work request was reviewed by the contract manager for completeness of description, fair and reasonable pricing, and compliance with contract criteria.

Northwind HVAC personnel performed operation and maintenance of the air conditioning and refrigeration systems within more than 50 facilities. Our inventory consisted of various systems: split and packaged systems that integrated heating and cooling functions, chillers, ground-source heat pumps. These systems were operated at optimal efficiency and maintained so that condition and performance did not degrade. When repairs were needed, our team focused on improving the operational efficiency and reducing energy consumption.

Northwind was responsible for the HVAC distribution systems in monitoring the room or zone controls for repairs, adjustment responses to the system, and system deterioration in moving the hot and cold air. Window units and radiators were also monitored for proper function.

Plumbing maintenance included checking fixtures for leaks, ensuring that the hot water and water pressure were sufficient, and monitoring the sanitary waste system. Traps, drains, and water lines were maintained and replaced as needed.

Northwind maintained all electrical units so that lighting was comfortable and adequate, energy use was optimized, and the physical condition of the system did not degrade. Northwind monitored the uninterruptible power supply, upgraded facility lighting, and rewired rooms as needed. We lowered the carbon footprint and saved money for the facilities by lowering overall operating expenses.

Northwind implemented environmentally friendly systems for Federal facilities that complied with the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, which allowed for energy conservation and a reduction of each facility’s carbon footprint. We installed reverse variable flow systems, solar technology, Direct Digital Control (DDC) systems, computer-operated HVAC to recirculate heat, motion-censored lights, LED technology, low-volume flushometers, and energy-efficient boiler systems that reduce electric and gas consumption.

In addition, Northwind upgraded entrance control systems that provided additional security as they required a preapproved ID card to enter facilities.

In order to meet scheduled goals, Northwind utilized both in-house resources and an aggressive hiring campaign. Additional regions were added to the contract throughout its duration, and our team remained on schedule with no delays.

We performed PM to protect existing vegetation, structures, equipment, utilities, pavement, improvements, remove or alter existing work, repair, or replace portions of existing work which have been altered during construction operations to match existing or adjoining work, as approved by the Contracting Officer. Upon completion of the contracts, facilities and grounds were in equal or better condition than when we arrived.

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