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Northwind-Jacobs Joint Venture (NJJV) was awarded the Tower Chemical Company Remediation project on November 1, 2022. The main objective of the project is to control and reduce the spread of DCBP- (4,4’- Dichlorobenzophenone) and dicofol with the process of In-situ Stabilization/ Solidification (ISS) mixing.

NJJV was contracted to remediate the Tower Chemical Company Superfund Site, Operable Unit 3 (OU3), located in Florida, which is contaminated with dicofol and DCBP. In order to remediate the contaminated site, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommended the implementation of in-situ solidification/stabilization (ISS) technology.  Prior to commencing for the remedial activities, NJJV addressed data gaps from previous investigation through conducting a pre-remedial investigation and geotechnical assessments employing sonic drilling techniques, extending to depths of up to 100 feet below ground surface (bgs), NJJV undertook a comprehensive geotechnical evaluation of the site's subsurface conditions, which include karst topography and diverse soil types.

NJJV has recently excavated the surface soil and is currently installing ISS columns in different areas of the site to complete the ISS treatment. The ISS columns will be injected with a stabilizing reagent, such as Silica Fume to encapsulate and immobilize the contaminants within the soil matrix. Upon completion of the ISS treatment, the excavated soil will be backfilled and graded to restore the site’s original topography.

In the initial phase NJJV undertook the following tasks:

  • Demolition of the existing structures.

  • Disposal of demolished materials.

  • Relocation and installation of fences.

NJJV also developed SWPPP plan and obtained NPDES permit by FDEP prior any construction and remedial activity.

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